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Hi my name is Mack Mcgregor. I am a republican candidate running for Lt. Governor for the state of Georgia.

I'm a husband of a loving wife of twenty-Seven years, a father of four girls and grandfather of eight.

 I  served in the United States Marine Corps.    

   When I look at what's going on in the world today, I see that we really need to step up and take charge. We need to bring back our God-given rights that are being stripped away from us daily.

 I will always stand for God, Family, Country and the great State of Georgia.

When it comes to passing laws in Georgia,  I want full transparency.  Let  the people of Georgia make their decision if its right for Georgia or not,  as long as it is Constitutional. 

What the career politicians seem to forget is the fact that they work for the people not the other way around. I'm tired of paying people to tell me how to live, what I can do or can't do, and constantly pushing us beyond our means of living.

  As Lt. Governor I want to:

1. Get rid of sanctuary cities for harboring illegals.

2. Fight against all over-reaching laws ( federal, state and local.)

3. Make Georgia a constitutional carry state.

4. Get rid of CRT in our education system.

5. FIX our judicial system.

6. Calling for a Forensic Audit in all 159 counties for illegal activity.

7. Investigate  DFCS/CPS. activities.

8. Fix the laws on voting and create a fail-proof system for fair  and fraud-free elections.

9. End all illegal MANDATES.


Starting with our state.

  The list is long with so many more questions than answers. As soon as I get elected we are going to get right to it and find the wasteful spending is and eliminate it. I want to cut taxes and put the money back into the hands of great people of Georgia, not into the pockets of the politicians.

If you agree with what you are reading then you're not alone. I am willing to step up and take it all on with the help of the people of Georgia.. I don't know about you, but I see the people of Georgia as a TEAM. So I'm kindly asking the people of Georgia to vote for me. Mack Mcgregor Georgia Lt. Governor 2022.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Mack McGregor


Fighting For

The People Of 


To Become Your Next 

Lt. Governor.


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